Chests and trades em todas as salas
Bug bless desabilitado
Chaos machine Click Here
Drops 20%
Experiência 10x
Monsters 100%
PK /pkclear
Reset Non Rebirth
Spots all maps
Versão Season 2 Ep.1
Party Bonus 1 = 100%
Party Bonus 2 = 105%
Party Bonus 3 = 110%
Party Bonus 4 = 115%
Party Bonus 5 = 125%
create MG Lvl 220
create DL Lvl 250
Points for lvl 5
Points for lvl MG and DL 7
Blood Castle habilitado
Castle Siege habilitado
Chaos Castle habilitado
Crywolf Fortress habilitado
Devil Square habilitado
Fenix Invasion habilitado
Gold Invasion habilitado
Genocider Invasion habilitado
Hell Maine habilitado
Hydra Invasion habilitado
Heroin Invasion habilitado
Kalima habilitado
Kantru/Maya habilitado
LorenDeep habilitado
Red Dragon Invasion habilitado
White Wizard habilitado
Jogadores online 6
Record online 109
Castle siege owner
Próximo Confronto A definir
Server status Online
Total de Contas 643
Total de Personagens 748
Total de Guilds 18
Total of vips 358
Banned accounts 74
Banned characters 0
/post speak global mode
/f add points to strength
/a add points to agillity
/v add points in vitality
/e add points in energy
/c add points on charisma
/attack attack automatic mode
/offattack attacks automatic mode even off
/store open personal shop
/offstore open personal shop even off
/bau Mudar Baú. Ex: /bau 2.
/pkclear Limpar Status Pk.
/rebuild redistribute points
/online amount of characters on
/responder answer or quiz
/zoobie zombie event
/seal activate bonus 1 or 2 Ex: /seal 2
/creation coin for auction
/sobrevivencia participate in the survival event
/bank storage of chaos and life Ex: /bank chaos
/retire remove chaos and life Ex: /retire life
/pack collect jewels Ex: /pack soul 10
/part decompile jewels Ex: /part bless 10
/re on/off of /re auto off or accept automatic invitation
/logout disconnect account
Free Vip Silver Vip Gold Mega Vip
Informaes Sim Sim Sim Sim
Informaes Sim Sim Sim Sim
Avatar Sim Sim Sim Sim
ltimas Conexes Sim Sim Sim Sim
Alterar PID Não Sim Sim Sim
Alterar Senha Sim Sim Sim Sim
Limpar Ba Não Sim Sim Sim
Consertar Items Não Sim Sim Sim
Limpar Invatrio Sim Sim Sim Sim